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T-Mobile Eliminates Exorbitant Data Roaming Charges In Costa Rica

t-mobile in costa rica no data roaming

T-Mobile and pop star Shakira came together recently to announce the end of the exorbitant roaming charges levied on their customers while traveling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Columbia. Of course Sharkira was brought on as she is one of Columbia’s most popular exports.

The new policy which took effect in November allows T-Mobile customers that are on the their Simple Choice U.S. data plan will gave access to unlimited data while traveling to the above listed countries, which comes as  big news for Costa Rica as they head into the busy holiday season.

While this news has officially been announced by t-Mobile we still recommend contacting your carrier before your trip to make sure there no stipulations for your particulate plan.

What should T-Mobile Customers Expect in Costa Rica

The reality is this, T-Mobile will be operating on Costa Rica’s 3G network that will feature a cap on the speed of the data transfers. So customers  should not expect the U.S. LTE speed they are use to while on vacation, but with that being said the 3G network is perfectly adequate for most peoples needs.

Because T-Mobile will be connecting through the ICE Kolbi or Movistar networks those visiting the ever popular Guanacaste beaches will have access to the newest features. This announcement comes just as ICE released information on Costa Rica’s new 4G network which you can read more about here.

My Thoughts T-Mobile in Costa Rica

While this news only currently covers data it is only a matter of time before T-Mobile and other carriers drop the fees on voice also. With every advance in technology the world becomes a bit smaller and the ability to stay in touch because that much cheaper.

I look forward to the day when I can have a dual SIM card phone with one line connected in Costa Rica and one in the USA with no ridicules roaming charges . While for now that is still only a dream, this announcement brings that dream  one step closer to fruition.


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