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Netflix in Costa Rica

Netflic in Costa Rica

With over 26 million subscribers in the U.S. alone and the ability to stream movies on your computer or have movies delivered to your door, Netflix has changed the way all of us think about entertainment. With this being the case many people moving to or visiting Costa Rica for extended periods of time have one simple question; “is there Netflix in Costa Rica?” While the short answer is “yes”, there are some things to know that can make your Netflix experience more rewarding. Today we will go over some of the basic facts and questions most people have.

Will my NetFlix account work in Costa Rica?

Yes, your account that was set up in the US or Canada will continue to work in Costa Rica with out any problems so there is no need to change your password or resign up.

Are the movies and TV shows the same in the US and in Costa Rica?

No, the programming licenses are different for the two countries so you will find that there are far fewer American TV shows and movies available for streaming in Costa Rica and much more Latin programing. That being said there is still a large number of American options and on the first of every month Netflx updates their database adding dozens of new TV series’, episodes and movies. Netflix has also made it clear that they plan on targeting the global market as part of their growing business model and has stated that we can expect even more American programing to be brought streaming world wide in the future.

Can I make Netflix think I am in the US to get more TV shows and Movies?

Yes, this can be accomplished by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). While a VPN sounds like some very technical process, it is actually very easy to purchase and implement. In short a VPN allows you to access the internet through an encrypted network from a US server, making Netflix think you are in the US. VPN’s go for about $79 a year and all well worth the investment for several reasons, which I cover in in the VPN review post, link below.

Link to VPN Article

What is the best Netflix plan for Costa Rica?

Currently Netflix offers unlimited online streaming for $7.99 which allows for two devices to stream at one time. Netflix just announced in April 2013 that they will introducing and $11.99 streaming plan that will allow four+ (the exact number has not been released) streams at one time. This means you and three other people can stream on one account at the same time which is very attractive for large families or shared residences

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If you have any questions about viewing Netflix in Costa Rica please comment below!


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