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Meet the Candidates in the Costa Rican 2014 Presidential Elections

2014 Costa Rican Presidential Elections

If it feels like it has been a slow week in the news here in Costa Rica, you are not alone. Like in most countries when there is an election is taking place the focus of the media becomes locked on the candidates, both positive and negative.

Over the last couple of weeks this has been the case, from a “Photoshop scandal” to the always popular “candidate promises to change/improve¬† ________,” just fill in the blank with any hot button topic of your choice.

While not trying to feed into any hidden agendas today I did come across an article from the Tico Times providing information on all of the 13 candidates running for President in Costa Rica. While there are 5 leader in the polls it is nice to read a piece that includes everyone in the conversation.

So if you are interested in learning more about the candidates, here is the link:



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