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Medical Marijuana in Costa Rica?

medical marijuana

It’s true! Did you hear that Costa Rica may join a handful of countries in the Americas to legalize Medical Marijuana? I just read this in the Tico Times (link embedded below).

I think this may spark some controversy. It always does and that definitely makes for interesting dinner or Happy Hour conversation. So will that “feature” be yet another valid reason people yearn to return to Costa Rica – whether on vacation, invest or live? This gorgeous country is not for everyone, although it has a magnetism that unparalleles other countries I’ve been to (which are lots).  It is undeniably beautiful and yet, has it’s own personality and culture that is certainly not north American at all — and why should it be? 

Anyway, I won’t give you my biased opinion on whether Pot for medical reasons should be legal in Costa Rica. If you know me, you already know my answer. (But I know you don’t know me, I’m new at this.  More on that below)

This one will be interesting to follow. If you know anything about doing business in Costa Rica, you know they haven’t been doing it for as long as, say, the US. That adds that very characteristic Tico way of doing things to the equation. So legalizing medical weed, could be a process and we probably will be talking about this for a while without reaching any immediate decisions. And then, perhaps in the future we will be discussing the PROCESS to get it to market in Costa Rica.

Let’s watch this unfold and I truly hope we get to see this new initiative go through that process……..


You may notice, I am not the usual author of this Blog. But you should also get used to me being the more regular one now. Bloggers must often wonder, if anybody will even bother to read their Blog? blah, blog, blah, blog, blah, blog….I do.


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