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Internet in Costa Rica

internet in Costa Rica

No matter where you go in the world, staying connected to friends, family and catching up on the latest news is a necessity. Things are no different when traveling or moving to Costa Rica, and in the last few years the quality of high speed internet has greatly improved in both speed and in coverage area.

Originaly you could only get internet in Costa Rica through the government run ICE but over the last couple of years several other services have entered the market; CableTica, Amnet and TIGO. Recently Amnet was actually purchased by TIGO.

The main difference between the government run ICE and companies like TIGO is that ICE’s internet is ran through your houses phone line and TIGO requires and coaxl TV cable to be installed. This is something to think about if time is an issue when getting your internet hooked up.

One must check to see what services are available in your area.


Internet Speed in Costa Rica

There are a wide variety of speeds available through both ICE and TIGO, starting at 512 KBPS and going up to 10MB’s. While only a fraction of the speed offered throughout most of North America, these speeds represent a great improvement over what was available just several years ago. In fact rumor has it that they are already testing up to 25mb speeds throughout the central valley in and near San Jose.


Internet Stability in Costa Rica

This is where you will find your location playing a large factor, in the central valley of Costa Rica the internet stability is much higher than in the outlying beach and mountain communities. Again the service and response time of fixing service outages has increased and is getting better that fact is the internet does go out much more frequently than it does in the US and Canada. Many people find the uptime and speed perfectly adequate to work remotely but one should expect to find times that your internet will be down and in some cases the outages will affect the entire area for hours.


Customer Support

Customer support for both of the main providers is offered in both Spanish and English over the phone, but very few technicians and or reps at the ICE offices will speak English.



Unable to find their pricing plan.




Rate / Price Per Month

512kb  $13.95
1mbps  $18.95
2mbps  $23.95
3mbps  $33.95
4mbps  $42.95
5mbps  $52.95
10mbps  $90.95

TIGO customer support, dial 1722 from your Costa Rican cell or land line.



Almost only available in the central valley-
1mbps  $16.50
2mbps  $19.90
3mbps  $28.90
5mbps  $48.60
10mbps  $87.50
15mbps  $123.85
25mbps  $199.00
35mbps  $299.00
50mbps  $399.00
100mbps  $749.00


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