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Hybrid Buses Coming to Guanacaste Costa Rica

Hybris Buses coming to guanacaste Costa Rica
With the Costa Rica’s continuing focus on emissions and goal of becoming the worlds first carbon neutral nation (and lets not forget the recent tax incentives offered to low emission vehicles it is no surprise to find that Costa Rica is about to get it’s first Hybrid Buses. The Guanacastan transportation firm of Reyna del Campo has just announced that it has received a line of credit from the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) that will finest a new fleet of Daewoo hybrid electric/fuel buses to begin running in Guanacaste.

Currently Reyna del Campo operates route 506 which runs between Liberia and the Guanacaste beach communities and route 524 that runs between Liberia and the border town of Canas. Both Locations are very popular with tourists and backpackers who are sure to like the idea of making their trip on the Costa Rican bus system Eco-friendly.

BCR has made it a point of interest to support Eco-friendly public transportation, even offering financing to taxi companies that choose to use electric or bio-fuel run vehicles. They are not the only ones that have taken a direct approach to achieving a Eco-friendly Costa Rica, The Korea Eximbank and the Japan Bank have both made deals with BCR and shown a high interest in the province of Guanacaste in particular.


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