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Costa Rica See’s Increase in Tourism in 2013

increase in tourism - Costa Rica

It is no secret that Costa Rica has started to see a resurgence since the market collapse in late 2007 and the evidence is even more clear with the numbers the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) have just released.

In 2013 Costa Rica received some 2.4 million tourists visiting the country which shows a nice increase of 3.6% from 2012. Of the tourists visiting Costa Rica the largest increase was a from the number of people flying into the country which was up 4.2% from 2012. Although some of the local newspapers claim that those numbers are off due to the migrant works coming to Costa Rica to work in the sugar cane industry, it is still a very promising outlook. Besides I don’t thing to many sugar cane cutters are flying in from Nicaragua

It remains clear that Costa Rica is still a favorite holiday destination for Americans with 39% of Costa Rican tourists coming from the United States and 12.4% coming from Europe. Costa Rica has also seen an increase in tourism from other Central and South American countries but the percentages for those area have not be released yet.

So what does this mean for Costa Rica? Those 2.4 million tourists translated to an estimated $2.43 billion in revenues for the tourism sector in 2013. Tourism in Costa Rica also directly employees 150,000 people and indirectly provides jobs for an estimated 400,000 residents through out the country.


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