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Costa Rica ranked 2nd in ‘environmental sustainability’


The World Energy Council in collaboration with global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman has just released its annual report indexing the all of the countries in the world based on their over performance in six main areas under two categories.

Energy Performance

  • Energy Security
  • Energy Equity
  • Environmental Sustainability

Contextual Performance

  • Political Strength
  • Societal Strength
  • Economical Strength

For the third year in a row costa Rica has taken the number 2 ranking in the ‘Enviromental Sustainabilty” rankings, placing just one spot behind Switzerland. Currently Costa Rica generates it energy from the below three classified catagories:

  • Hydroelectric (75.9%)
  • Other Renewable (17.7%)
  • Conventional Thermal (6.4%)

While this number two ranking should come as no surprise the over all ranking for Costa Rica was 21 in the word in a cobination of all catagories, showing that the country still have room for improvment. It should be noted though that Costa Rica improived in both of the other two ‘Energy Performance’ catagories; from 77 to 57 in Energey Security and 47 to 45 in Energy Equity.

As for Costa Rica’s perormance in the Contextual Performance catagory, the country also saw a jump in rankings. The most notible jump was is “Economic Strength,” up from 97 to 63! I think the importance of this improvment is self evident and can be seen in the large number of new 5 start resorts, water parks and US chair resturants entering into Costa Rica in the last 6 months alone.

The fact that Costa Rica made such a large jump in energy securtiy is a great sign, showing that policy makers have not missed out on what has been a problem in Costa Rica for many years. 100% depandacy on renewable energy is great in theory but leaves you at the hands of the climate and nature in general; If there is not rain or wind there is no power. FInding a middle ground is the key and if the report is any indicator, the country may be well on its way.



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