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Costa Rica Private Hospitals

Costa Rica Private Hospitals

Costa Rica Private Hospitals

Yesterday I did a write up about the Costa Rican Public hospital system and the CAJA, and today I thought it would be a good idea to go over the Costa Rican private hospital system in a little detail.

Intro to Private Hospitals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica currently has 7+ private hospitals through out the country, most of which are located in the capital city of San Jose in the central valley area. One major exception is the new CIMA hospital located between Liberia and the Papagayo Coast, only 5 minutes from the Liberia international airport.

These private hospitals generally have four major advantages over the public hospital system:

-          The facilities tend to be newer and cleaner on both the outside and inside.

-          Most offer English speaking doctors and nurses.

-          They are far less crowded and hectic than the public hospitals.

-          They offer both elective (cosmetic surgeries) and non-elective surgeries.

The hospitals


CIMA Hospitals

Locations- Escazu San Jose,  Liberia Guanacaste

The CIMA hospitals are actually a group of hospitals with multiple locations around Costa Rica, including CIMA San Jose and CIMA Liberia. These two main locations tend to be favorites with North American expats living in Costa Rica due to their more Americanized feel. The San Jose location has been a staple since 1994 and the CIMA Liberia offeres a brand new facility completed in 2007-2008.



Centro Medico San Rafael

The new San Rafael facility opened its doors in Liberia, Guanacaste in 2011 and offers a full service hospital and emergency room for those looking for a private hospital.

Contact: (506) 2666-1717


Clinica Catolica

Located in Guadalupe, San Jose Costa Rica.


Hospital Clinica Biblica

Located in down town San Jose Costa Rica, Hospital Clinica Biblica was founded in 1929 and was originally a pediatric hospital. It has since expanded into one of the big three private hospitals in San Jose.

Contact: 2522-1000 

Hospital Hotel La Catolica

Offering its patients both luxury accommodations and top notch medical services, the Hospital Hotel La Catolica has been a prominent hospital in the San Jose area since 1952. And despite its name, the hospital is open to patients of all denominations.

Hospital Cristiano Jerusalem

Specializing in preventive medicine and women’s health,  Hospital Cristiano Jerusalem was founded in 1981 and is located in San Jose.

Contact: 2216-9191 

Hospital Metropolitano

Located in San Jose, the hospital Metropolitano is one of the smaller private hospitals in Costa Rica. What it lack in size it makes up for in personalized service.

Contact: 2222-4411 

Santa Maria


Clinica Santa Rita

Located in San Jose and in operation since 1965, Clinica Santa Rita has received the “Certification of Authorization from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health.

Contact: 2221-6433 / 2255-1618 

Clinica San Miguel

Clinica San Miguel’s door originally opened in 2000 and is the only private hospital in the central vally city of Alajuela.

Contact: 2442-5958 

Clinica Unibe

Located in Tibas, San Jose, Clinica Unibe is one of Costa Rica’s top medical teaching facilities and works with the Universidad de Iberoamerica.

Contact: 2297-6300 


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