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I came across this article today while reading the “Tico Times” about a couple that decided to enter the San Jose Half Marathon while in Costa Rica on vacation, and the husband accidentally won. It is a fun read and more importantly does a great job of showing off some of the major differences between the US and Costa Rica, in this case from runners perspective. I often get asked the that exact question, “what is it like living in […]

T-Mobile Eliminates Exorbitant Data Roaming Charges In Costa Rica

T-Mobile and pop star Shakira came together recently to announce the end of the exorbitant roaming charges levied on their customers while traveling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Columbia. Of course Sharkira was brought on as she is one of Columbia’s most popular exports. The new policy which took effect in November allows T-Mobile customers that are on the their Simple Choice U.S. data plan will gave access to unlimited data while traveling to the above listed countries, which […]

Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica Featured on “Meet the Sloths” on Animal Planet

Costa Rica has always been known for its abundance of wildlife, and now one of countries more relaxed residents is coming to a TV near you. In the the new Animal Planet show “Meet the Sloths,” cameras will follow the lives of the 150 residents of Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary for 8 episodes. This will continue the trend and success that Animal Planet has had recently with animal shows like “Meerkat Manor.” Now I know what you are thinking, “sloths, […]

About Playas del Coco

Playas del Coco, located in the beautiful Gulf of Papagayo is actually situated in the north of Costa Rica, not very far from Nicaragua. El Coco as it is also known, is quite globally renowned tourist attraction, and is well-known for the other world class nature sights due to its volcanoes, river trips, jungles, and state preserves of wildlife with different species such as monkeys, iguanas and different kinds of birds and variety of plants as well. In fact, the […]

Delta Introduces Seasonal New York to Costa Rica Flight

Here is just a quick bit of news that may help your travel plans for the high season here in Costa Rica. Delta has officially announced the addition of a new seasonal flight between JFK International Airport in New York and Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose Costa Rica. The new service will operate from December 19th through March 31st and will offer Saturday only flights from April 1st through Aug 16th. This is the second addition of a […]

Surfing Witches Rock

Both for travelers and real-estate investors, Costa Rica is an unforgettable place that is not only abounded by beautiful tropical jungles, but is also famous for its mountains, volcanoes and endless horizons of shorelines. While travelling through this beautiful country and its tranquil sea sides, one can also marvel looking at the whole new separate world that lies under it’s ocean’s surface, which makes scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing some of the most popular water sporting activities in […]

Costa Ricas Golf Courses

We have some many great golf courses here in Costa Rica I thought it would be a good idea to provide a map of there locations to make it easier on everybody.   View Costa Rica Golf Course Map in a larger map Living in the Papagayo region of northern Guanacaste has many benefits, one of them being 5 months of perfect weather (no rain) and being located close to several of the nicest golf courses in Costa Rica. From […]

Water Kingdom: Guanacastes New Water Park

It is official, if the beautiful beaches, parks, wildlife, surfing and adventure tours were not enough to get you to Costa Rica maybe this will. The Costa Rican province of Guanacaste is getting another major attraction tourists attraction in the form of a new $10 million adventure water park. The new park project, which will be called “Water Kingdom” is currently underway just a few kilometers from the Palo Verde National Refuge and ever popular Bagaces waterfalls. The story which […]

The Blue Water of Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste: Mystery Solved!

One of Costa Rica’s most well-known and beautiful natural tourist destinations has proved to be a mystery to scientists for years; but a recent study performed by a Costa Rican research team has finally solved the mystery of Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste and its magical blue water. For those of you unfamiliar I with the Rio Cleleste, I am attaching a video below and believe me when I tell you that pictures cannot do justice to one of nature’s truly […]

What does Pura Vida mean in Costa Rica

The term “Pura Vida” literally translated in English means “pure life.” In Costa Rica though the term Pura Vida has taken on a life of its own and become a motto for a country. Why is this and most importantly what does it mean to the locals (ticos) when you hear them say it. Is it a tourist thing to say, are ticos lagging at you when you say it or are the mocking you by responding to your questions […]