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Cell Phones in Costa Rica

Cell Phones in Costa Rica In a world where everybody depends on their cell phones to stay in contact, Costa Rica is no different and offers both those visiting and/or moving permanently a variety of options to choose from. This wasn’t always the case, for years cell phones in Costa Rica were controlled by ICE (pronounced E-say ) the government controlled phone and electricity service. Recently several other companies have been allowed to start selling prepaid services in Costa Rica, […]

Netflix in Costa Rica

With over 26 million subscribers in the U.S. alone and the ability to stream movies on your computer or have movies delivered to your door, Netflix has changed the way all of us think about entertainment. With this being the case many people moving to or visiting Costa Rica for extended periods of time have one simple question; “is there Netflix in Costa Rica?” While the short answer is “yes”, there are some things to know that can make your […]

VPN in Costa Rica

The term VPN is becoming more and more popular amongst people in North America in regards to traveling abroad in helping to protect a user’s information when using and WIFI in public places. So that begs the questions, do you need a VPN in Costa Rica? Let us start with the basics: What is a VPN? The term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is used to extend a private network across a public network (aka. The internet). This […]

Watching US TV in Costa Rica

Interested in watching US TV in Costa Rica? Of course you are, we all have at least one show we like to keep tabs on. Thanks top technology what was once a major sacrifice for TV lovers is now a mere afterthought thank to technology and a new website called USTVnow.com. What is USTVNow.com? USTVNow.com is subscription service that allows you to DVR and watch TV live from the comfort of your own computer. To try the service all you […]