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President Solis Gets Good Marks – 1st 100 days in Office.

President Luis Guillermo Solis of Costa Rica has recently completed his first 100 days in office. Recall, Solis, a professor and not a career politician beat the Liberation Party and vowed to get Costa Rica back on track (Tico Times link below).  I am no political analyst and will refrain from any political ranks — especially in a country where I am a simple resident and not a bonafide citizen, I will however, comment that Solis has his work cut […]

Mobile Data and Voice Outages Planned in Costa Rica

Are you ready for the Costa Rica’s new 4G network? Judging by the planned service outages that will effect all Kolbi wirless services, ICE is clearly not. On March 25th and 26th the areas including Nuevo Arenal, San Ramon and Tilaran will be affected with outages. Then on the 26th and 27th there will be a nation wide outage from 10pm to 10am, so if you count on your mobile service for anything be prepared. The outages are part of […]

T-Mobile Eliminates Exorbitant Data Roaming Charges In Costa Rica

T-Mobile and pop star Shakira came together recently to announce the end of the exorbitant roaming charges levied on their customers while traveling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Columbia. Of course Sharkira was brought on as she is one of Columbia’s most popular exports. The new policy which took effect in November allows T-Mobile customers that are on the their Simple Choice U.S. data plan will gave access to unlimited data while traveling to the above listed countries, which […]

Costa Rica is Building 3 Geothermal Power Plants… With Japanese Funding

Costa Rica has taken one more large step towards the countries goal of generating 95% of its electricity through renewable resources with the recent announcement that Costa Rica will be building 3 geothermal power plants. This broke on Tuesday (November 19th) when President Laura Chinchilla announced that the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) would be providing Costa Rica with loan valued at $560 million over 40 years. All four of the new geothermal plants will be built around the Rincon […]

4G Cell Phone Service Available in Costa Rica Starting in December 2013

As many people know, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) has been testing 4G networks through out several areas in the central valley since July of this last year. It has now been announced that the ICE expects to launch 4G service to its customers in mid-December, just in time for the busy Christmas season which could lead to a boost in new phone sales. The new 4G network has been a large project with a high priority for ICE […]

Hybrid Buses Coming to Guanacaste Costa Rica

With the Costa Rica’s continuing focus on emissions and goal of becoming the worlds first carbon neutral nation (and lets not forget the recent tax incentives offered to low emission vehicles it is no surprise to find that Costa Rica is about to get it’s first Hybrid Buses. The Guanacastan transportation firm of Reyna del Campo has just announced that it has received a line of credit from the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) that will finest a new fleet […]

Iphone 5c and 5s Coming to Costa Rica

The official unveiling of two new Apple iPhones happened in September as most of you are probably aware. The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S are now available to consumers in the USA and other countries. However, the availability of these two new Apple iPhone models in Costa Rica is slated in November. iPhone carriers in the country made the announcement that for consumers outside the United State of America, there will be a 60-day wait. Costa Rican carriers Movistar, […]

Costa Rica ranked 2nd in ‘environmental sustainability’

The World Energy Council in collaboration with global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman has just released its annual report indexing the all of the countries in the world based on their over performance in six main areas under two categories. Energy Performance Energy Security Energy Equity Environmental Sustainability Contextual Performance Political Strength Societal Strength Economical Strength For the third year in a row costa Rica has taken the number 2 ranking in the ‘Enviromental Sustainabilty” rankings, placing just one spot […]

Is Geothermal Power the Newest Clean Energy Solution for Costa Rica?

As the world look for newer, cleaner and more efficient forms of energy generation, Costa Rica has stood out from the pack as a leader when it comes to finding renewable energy sources. Currently Costa Rica generates 90% of its electricity from renewable sources, primarily from hydroelectric dams and wind powered turbines located throughout the country. The one problem with this system is that countries power is highly dependent on the weather which in many area of Costa Rica can […]

Internet in Costa Rica

No matter where you go in the world, staying connected to friends, family and catching up on the latest news is a necessity. Things are no different when traveling or moving to Costa Rica, and in the last few years the quality of high speed internet has greatly improved in both speed and in coverage area. Originaly you could only get internet in Costa Rica through the government run ICE but over the last couple of years several other services […]