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Costa Rica Explores New Special Economic Zones with China

  New Special Economic Zones with China was just one of the topics of discussion during President Solis’s recent trip to China. Costa Rica’s president met with China’s president Xi Jinping and signed a strategic partnership agreement focusing on trade, manufacturing, and exports. 2015 will be a challenging year for Costa Rica as this small country has seen a significant decrease in its foreign trade and economic indicators. The move may well be a bid for the next Intel, as […]

President Solis Gets Good Marks – 1st 100 days in Office.

President Luis Guillermo Solis of Costa Rica has recently completed his first 100 days in office. Recall, Solis, a professor and not a career politician beat the Liberation Party and vowed to get Costa Rica back on track (Tico Times link below).  I am no political analyst and will refrain from any political ranks — especially in a country where I am a simple resident and not a bonafide citizen, I will however, comment that Solis has his work cut […]

Medical Marijuana in Costa Rica?

It’s true! Did you hear that Costa Rica may join a handful of countries in the Americas to legalize Medical Marijuana? I just read this in the Tico Times (link embedded below). I think this may spark some controversy. It always does and that definitely makes for interesting dinner or Happy Hour conversation. So will that “feature” be yet another valid reason people yearn to return to Costa Rica – whether on vacation, invest or live? This gorgeous country is […]

Shrimp Trawling in Costa Rica – Flip Flop…

Flip-flop, flip-flop… What is that sound you hear?  That is sound of the Costa Rican government repeatedly flopping back and forth on the topic of shrimp trawling in Costa Rican waters. In what was originally seen as a large victory for the environment, last year Costa Rica passed a law that would in all effect ban shrimp trawling by not renewing or issuing new trawling licenses to anybody in Costa Rica. That victory for environmentalist was short lived though, as […]

Meet the Candidates in the Costa Rican 2014 Presidential Elections

If it feels like it has been a slow week in the news here in Costa Rica, you are not alone. Like in most countries when there is an election is taking place the focus of the media becomes locked on the candidates, both positive and negative. Over the last couple of weeks this has been the case, from a “Photoshop scandal” to the always popular “candidate promises to change/improve  ________,” just fill in the blank with any hot button […]

Insurance for your hired help: Workers Compensation, are you covered?

I recently came across an interesting article shining light on an often overlooked practice when it comes to hiring workers to perform basic work round the house or even acting as an independent contractor yourself. Because the Costa Rican legal system can often be a mix of red tape and often places blame on unknowing expats I thought it would be a good idea to go over the laws regarding medical insurance and more importantly workers comp. The Facts The […]

Foreign Embassies in Costa Rica

When traveling or living abroad it is always important to know where your countries closest foreign embassy is located and how you can contact them. Because most people do not keep this information on hand I thought it would be a good idea to create a handy little cheat sheet. Below are the most current locations of foreign Embassies in Costa Rica. Foreign Embassies in Costa Rica   Canadian Embassy Location: The Canadian Embassy is located in Sabana Sur: Behind […]

Types of Residency in Costa Rica

After visiting or moving to Costa Rica, many people find themselves looking for ways to stay in the country as long as possible, and for many of these people the answer is residency. While a perfect way to avoid visa runs and to live the Costa Rican life full time, the big question that every person considering residency as an option faces is, what types of residency are offered to expats in Costa Rica and how do I get them. […]

Costa Rica Legal System

A Brief History of the Costa Rica Legal System The Costa Rica legal system is actually based on the Roman Criminal System (which is also used by Spain, France and Germany) and not the United Stated although you there are some obvious similarities to the U.S.. Below is a very basic breakdown of the Costa Rican Legal System:   Four branches of Government in Costa Rica. Judicial Executive (president and Cabinet Ministers) Legislative (Elected Members) Electoral Tribunal (The Electoral Tribunal […]