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A Visit to Caja (Medical System)

Once you receive your official residency in Costa Rica, you become a “voluntary” member of Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS or Caja). This enables you to access the socialized medical system here in Costa Rica. By voluntary, this means you are choosing to become a resident and therefore are a voluntary member of the CCSS system. You are charged a certain amount each month based on your residency category. Married couples pay as one unit. In return, you are […]

Costa Rica Private Hospitals

Costa Rica Private Hospitals Yesterday I did a write up about the Costa Rican Public hospital system and the CAJA, and today I thought it would be a good idea to go over the Costa Rican private hospital system in a little detail. Intro to Private Hospitals in Costa Rica Costa Rica currently has 7+ private hospitals through out the country, most of which are located in the capital city of San Jose in the central valley area. One major […]

Costa Rica Public Hospitals

What happens when you are living/on vacation in Costa Rica and the unexpected happens? It is something none of us want to think about yet something we all need to be prepared for, and because of this I thought it would be important to provide the info on the Costa Rica public hospital system. For info on Costa Rica’s Private Hospitals click here.  Costa Rica and CAJA Costa Rica offers residents and visitors alike access to its public hospital system […]