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Southwest Airlines to Fly into Liberia, Costa Rica

Southwest Airlines announced that flights from Houston, Texas to Liberia, Costa Rica will start on November 1, 2015, according to Gary Kelly, CEO of the Dallas-based airline.  “These flights will provide much needed competition,” Kelly said. “There will be much needed relief from some of the highest international fares in the country.”  This is great news for people traveling to and from Liberia! Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport is undergoing a $156 million international terminal project, which broke ground in September 2013.  […]

Growth Continues in Guanacaste

Growth continues in Guanacaste!  This is great news for the communities.  Not only will this growth create more local jobs, it will also bring more people to the area will continue to boost the local economy!  With more people coming to the area, property values are sure to go up! The latest announcement of another hotel coming to the area is great news! The Wyndham Hotel Group announced the signing of a franchise agreement for the first resort in Costa Rica […]

Costa Rica Fun Facts

 COSTA RICA FUN FACTS Costa Ricans refer to themselves as “Ticos” (males) and “Ticas” (females).  Foreigners are often called “Gringos” (males) and “Gringas” (females). “Pura vida” is the national saying, which means “pure life,” a sunny, feel good expression used as a greeting, goodbye, or if someone asks how you are doing. It’s not a big deal to see someone walking around with a machete. Although it’s more common in the countryside; ticos use machetes for everything and often keep one […]

Costa Rica Government Saves INBioparque

Great News for Costa Rican’s and all persons living in this tropical paradise!  One of the great parks, INBioparque was in danger of being closed due to lack of funding.  This would have been a great loss to the many people that enjoy the diversity of animal and plant life that can be found there.   http://www.inbioparque.com/   INBio is the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica, a non-profit organization founded in 1989 dedicated to scientific research and promoting the importance […]

Eat Healthy on a Reasonable Budget

Many people ask, “Is it possible to eat healthy and still keep to a reasonable budget in Costa Rica”? The answer is an overwhelming, YES!!   The “how” to this question is to get out and explore the community. Get to know what’s readily available and where to buy it at the best price!   There are several grocery stores in the area that you will need to familiarize yourself with. One is the Auto-Mercado. Auto-Mercado is an air-conditioned store, […]

Fun In The Sun In Costa Rica

One of the great things about living in the Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste area, including Playa Hermosa, is a great choice of sunset cruises to choose from. When people come to visit me in paradise, we like to plan the last full day of their visit as a sunset cruise. So you ask, “What makes these cruises so special?” Let me break down some of the differences. Most of the trips include all-you-can-eat and drink while on board. They will […]

Lower Gas Prices in Costa Rica

When gas prices drop in Costa Rica it is a big deal for consumers!  Costa Rican’s pay some of the highest gas prices in all of Central America.  This decrease has been one of the largest and thus, most exciting for Costa Rica. The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) approved a new decrease in the per-liter price of fuel, the second consecutive one during January.  the approval will mean a ₡43 drop in the price of Super gasoline, a ₡49 decrease for Plus gasoline, and […]

A Visit to Caja (Medical System)

Once you receive your official residency in Costa Rica, you become a “voluntary” member of Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS or Caja). This enables you to access the socialized medical system here in Costa Rica. By voluntary, this means you are choosing to become a resident and therefore are a voluntary member of the CCSS system. You are charged a certain amount each month based on your residency category. Married couples pay as one unit. In return, you are […]

A Day at the Feria

Cost of 3 medium pineapples = ₡1000   or   $1.87    Yes….you read that right! These are the juiciest, best tasting pineapples ever!                 The feria (farmer’s market) in Liberia is open on Thursday afternoons and all day on Friday. Each of the vendors sets their own prices and they are competitive. And yes, you can even negotiate with them! In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also buy homemade smoked cheeses, fresh farm […]

Costa Rica Explores New Special Economic Zones with China

  New Special Economic Zones with China was just one of the topics of discussion during President Solis’s recent trip to China. Costa Rica’s president met with China’s president Xi Jinping and signed a strategic partnership agreement focusing on trade, manufacturing, and exports. 2015 will be a challenging year for Costa Rica as this small country has seen a significant decrease in its foreign trade and economic indicators. The move may well be a bid for the next Intel, as […]