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An Introduction to Medical Tourism In Costa Rica

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Long stretches of exotic beaches, dense jungles, crystal clear water, lush green valleys and eye-popping wildlife. Yes, these arresting facets complement the natural beauty of Costa Rica. As a matter of fact, Costa Rica is the best destination for buccaneers to creep around. Best of all, country offers a pleasant weather and neighborly environment for those who aspire to rejuvenate and gain back the lost strength. The country serves both an economical living and excellent healthcare. This is the reason why people across the world are herding to Costa Rica.  

medical-tourismWithin few years, Costa Rica has turned into most sought-after destination for medical tourism. In 2011, around 50,000 medical tourists were documented. Costa Rica has been ranked as fourth in the array of Latin American nations known for their quality of health services. Besides, the country attracts masses owing to its quality living at a reasonable price. The tourism sector in the country took note of mushrooming niche market and thus, found definitive ways to stay abreast of increasing medical tourists.

In previous years, Medical Tourism in Costa Rica contributed to $338 million of total revenue, as maximum tourists visit the country to earn specialty in dentistry, plastic surgery, bariatric and orthopedic medicine. People residing in United States and Canada make the most of country’s immediacy and wide range of tourism excursions.

\Medical Tourism- What is it?

Medical tourism can be referred to as health travel that is planned by people willing to travel to different countries to learn medical procedures. In times gone by, medical tourism was basically tourism of medical patients belonging to less urbanized areas and not of learners yearning to know about medical procedures, which were not available in their country.

People from urban countries such as Canada and US have been increasingly moving abroad to learn medical procedures. Influenced by suitable travel options, affordable prices and short waiting times, people visiting the country have succeeded in getting specialty surgeries, checkups and dental work they were in need of. The trained and veteran with some of them trained in U.S. and the top-notch facilities, the country is home to medical tourists across the world.

120416_r22075_p233Ineptitude’s in the medical facilities of other countries give people a reason to move to Costa Rica and start practicing medical procedures. Besides this, wait times for procedure is another significant role player. The same case influenced practitioners in Canada in the year 2011 when average wait time amid referral and medical procedure was nearly 18 weeks. Huge cost of medical procedures in other countries changed the decision of most people. Mostly, the cost of medical procedure out of the country like Costa Rica amounts to half the cost of similar procedures in the home country. Good thing is that this reduced price includes everything from travel expenses to cost of living and thus helps patients save a significant amount.

With technology connecting different nations around the globe, it is no more an intricate job to travel to Costa Rica without spending much amount on travelling expenses. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy vacations while a practicing medical procedures.

Medical tourism Industry in Costa Rica

Healthcare costs have witnessed a significant rise in last 10 years that gave patients a reason to look foreign countries for more reasonable options. The propinquity and standard healthcare in Costa Rica grabbed the attention of tourists and paved ways for medical tourism. Most of the tourists entered the country for dental work. Within this tenure, Americans started moving to Central America for getting dental work that was out of the reach in their own country.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica continued to flourish and grab the attention of medical tourists. Today, the country has developed into an affordable, reliable and an efficient nation for medical procedures. Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, registered around 46,474 medical patients in the year 2011. This ratio of medical tourists is likely to rise in the imminent years. A major part of the population in America now holds passports and flies to Central America without more ado.

High-class doctors and exceptional healthcare facilities mark the traits of medical tourism in the country. Most of the doctors practicing in Costa Rica completed their training in United States and thus have good fluency in English. Though there are many doctors and dentists all over the country, most of the procedures are performed in San Jose having best hospitals and clinic of the country such as CIMA.

Not only this, you can get in touch with Costa Rica doctors on online sites. This service gives you autonomy to scour, review and fix appointments with certified and top doctors online. Moreover, this assures superior care of patients who are in great need of it after surgery.


imagesAs explained above, medical tourism describes tour to a different country for medical procedure, which also allows you to enthrall into the beauty of foreign land. Vibrant country like Costa Rica draws tourists from across the globe. After a surgery, rainforests and hot springs in the country offer a great environment for a person to recover. Costa Rica has more biodiversity in contrast to any other place on the earth.

Costa Ricans, popularly known as ticos are welcoming and friendly. They greet visitors with smile of face and show their keen interest in serving with the best amenities available.

Other than natural attractions that assist people recover fast after surgery, the country also gives patients an option to avail recovery facilities. Comfortable and accommodating environment along with excellent and affordable medical procedures has made this place suitable for medical tourism. Most of the healthcare centers here in Costa Rica provide round the clock nursing services, massage parlors and a complete meal plan.

One thing that makes this country stand out among others is its minimal waiting time for varying medical procedures. Unlike Canada, you need not wait here for several months to take in surgery and other medical procedures, as doctors at Costa Rica arrange everything to fit your schedule. Costa Rica clinicians and doctors are very flexible and can even fiddle with their schedule to attend foreign patients.


Mounting healthcare costs, tricky insurance issues and undue wait times in Canada and US have left patients with no other option than travelling to a Costa Rica that not only assures quality healthcare services but also keeps it medical costs on a par with patient’s pocket. This is the reason why medical tourism in Costa Rica has grown as a feasible and safe alternative for people.


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