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About Tamarindo Costa Rica

About Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica

Tamarindo, one of the most conveniently accessible beach towns is situated besides north pacific Coast of Costa Rica. With beautiful turquoise water and extremely pleasant weather conditions, Tamarindo is quite a renowned tourist attraction in the region. With its above average infrastructure and paved streets that are directed towards the tropical utopia in Guanacaste, it is not only a very well-developed region but it is conducive to all kinds of tourists and travelers. If you want a family vacation, a trip filled with thrill and adventures or just leisure and relaxation; this town single-handedly can fulfill just what you want. Tamarindo is quite a happening town; however there is still a conventional laid-back Tico environment. The beautiful beach makes it the perfect spot for leisure and relaxation amidst all the hullabaloo.

Outdoor activities

tam-townRight from the beauty of the beaches here to a plethora of water adventure sports or luxurious golfing, Tamarindo has a wide range of adventures and outdoor sports available for all kinds of tourists, including sailing, surfing, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving and many more. But you need to be well-versed with swimming conditions in case the tide is a bit unfavorable and the ocean floor can be a bit rocky. Surfing & windsurfing are also the renowned and acclaimed adventures here.

Surfing and Playa Tamarindo go hand-in-hand mainly because of its favorable waves and perfect wind flow, so if you are a surfer and water enthusiast, this place is your paradise. Playa Grande that is disconnected by the Rio Matapalo from Tamarindo is the perfect location for amateur and professional surfers because of the best and most conducive waves. El Estero is renowned among long boarders, and Playa Langosta is the best location for experts. Playa Langosta is at short 15-20 minutes walking distance, south of Tamarindo, and is located by the river with various locations for surf training or to go on a custom surf trip, with various options for different people and also economic alternatives.

Tamarindo is famous as of Costa Rica’s sportfishing hub, and boasts of its superior quality fleets & offshore fishing. The waters just off the Tamarindo coast have marlin, roosterfish, tuna, mackerel, snapper, grouper & sailfish.

Tamarindo is also a hotspot for golfers because of the well-crafted golf courses which feature scintillating fairways which have the best sight-seeing to explore the wildlife here. If you want exotic, then go for ATV tour that takes you through the deserted ways in between the tropical rainforest, under a forest canopy or besides the beach along with activities like rafting, horseback riding & bicycling.

Marino Las Baulas National Park

The Marino Las Baulas National Park is the nationally significant dwell for leatherback sea turtles and is situated to the south of Tamarindo. This park is approximately 445 hectares of mangroves & coastal waters extending 12 miles into Pacific Ocean as a shield against poachers. It boasts of over 170 bird species and wide range of wild animals as well. At the time of nesting season, you have to visit this park! Keep in mind that you ought to have a guide because of the stringent laws and rules for safeguarding the turtles.

Dining & Nightlife

Tamarindo is quite a tourist attraction, so there has been a significant development in the nightlife and restaurants located here. It has over 40 restaurants, discos & bars, so the nightlife and entertainment life here is quite scintillating and vibrant. Tamarindo boasts of conventional local flavor down pat with an outdoor market, pottery stores, traditional bakeries, spa & art gallery.


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